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The Storyteller

The Storyteller - Antonia Michaelis I liked this book, it was very well written, but I didn't love it.
I missed emotions in this book; I simply don't understand the 'relationship' between Anna & Abel.
Can it even be called a relationship? I don't understand why she fell in love with him. Ok, I can understand why she found him interesting at the beginning. She felt trapped, with all those shallow people around her, whom she's supposed to call friends, and she wanted something more...

But Anna was always the one reaching out to Abel, I really can't see that he cared for her. She was constantly coming back to him, and he was constabtly pushing her away.
And I will just never understand how she could be with him after he raped her. It is something horrible, the worst that can happen to a woman; no matter who does it; and after that she says she loves him. I just don't see it, because all we see is how much he cared for his little sister.
So, it was a nice book, I really liked all those descriptions of winter, I could really feel the cold, that was nicely described.
But the only flaw in this book are those missing emotions!