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Rooftops of Tehran: A Novel

Rooftops of Tehran - Mahbod Seraji I really liked this book; the theme was great (I love books like this: it's realistic, we have cultural, romantic elements). Book is really good, but there's something missing to it to be great.
I really hated the translation, and now I'm sorry I didn't read it in original, maybe that affected my impression of this book. I really liked retrospective narration (I'm really big fan of it, so it's the case here too)
Characters are great too, but I didn't really feel some big emotional bond between them. For example, I think the author should had described the beginning of the relationship between Pasha and Zari better. So we can truly feel their emotions growing stronger for each other. And I didn't like the ending It would be better if Zari was really dead; that's how it would all kinda mean more.. But that's just my opinion.

Overall, this is a really good book worth reading!