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The Golden Lily: A Bloodlines Novel

The Golden Lily - Richelle Mead The Golden Lily was better than Bloodlines. I know all the other books in the Bloodlines series will just keep getting better. I'm usually not a big fan of paranormal genre, but once again Richelle Mead proved to be my favorite paranormal author.

What I loved the most in The Golden Lily is character development. I loved Sydney. She's intelligent, responsible, sometimes so obvious; she's just such a nerd. Maybe she's not as exciting or funny like Rose, but I still love her. They're both great in their own way.
And - I started to like Adrian. I'm Dimitri fan, but now, through Sydney's eyes, we're starting to see and understand this new Adrian.
I'm loving the connection between him and Sydney; I can tell this is just a beginning!

I'm really looking forward to The Indigo Spell!
R. Mead please hurry up and write more awesome books!