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Three Maids for a Crown: A Novel of the Grey Sisters

Three Maids for a Crown: A Novel of the Grey Sisters - Ella March Chase This book is just wonderful. It broke my heart so many times while reading it. Three Maids for a Crown is not just a historical novel, it has so many emotions in it, it touched me and made me feel so much for the Grey sisters.

It's so beautifully written too. I liked the style, it's very fitting. Very often in historical novels, authors are so occupied with events that they leave their characters undeveloped. But here E. M. Chase brought to life these historical figures. Even with three different point of views you can feel the difference between the sisters. Each of them had a unique personality. Never before in a historical novel I could relate so much, I felt like I knew Jane, Katherine and Mary, I sympathized with their misfortune, sorrows, betrayals and grief.

There’s something very poetic when in historical novels there’s a message, a theme that can pass on us. Something universal, about human destiny, only set some centuries ago. That is why I enjoy reading historical fiction, that is why it is my favorite genre – to find that message, that something… Because we don’t read historical novels simply to learn about the past, but to learn about ourselves too.

~Tudor dynasty is very interesting to me and I enjoy finding and reading books about them. Of all Tudor monarchs Lady Jane Grey is the one I knew least about, so I’m happy that with this book I learned little more of her.