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Breaking Beautiful

Breaking Beautiful - Jennifer Shaw Wolf Breaking Beautiful is about a girl, Allie, whose boyfriend Trip died in a car crash. She was with him, she survived and she doesn’t remember anything. The problem is her boyfriend abused her, a secret she never told anyone. She only wants to forget, but people in her small town are not letting her. They’re blaming her for his death… Now she’s struggling with freeing herself from Trip, with healing, with growing feelings for her best friend Blake and with the stares and whispers of people around her.

Halfway through this book I already knew I’m giving it 5 stars. This book is perfect. I liked everything: the characters, the plot, the feelings, the relationships… Allie’s relationship with her mom, whom mostly cares about appearance, with her strict dad and with her sick twin brother. All these relationships within her family shaped Allie into what she became, into letting Trip use her.

This book just kept me on the edge, I could not put it down. I was so engrossed with it, with all Allie felt, with suspicions and doubt and the guilt. I just wanted to know what happened. I wanted Allie to remember. And all what Allie felt was described so perfectly, I really understand what it’s like for abused persons now. “Why didn’t they say something?” All she felt: the pain, the guilt, the shame…

Usually, while reading a book, we’re always bothered with something the main character did. Here, not one decision Allie made did make me annoyed with her, not even when she cared for other people’s opinions (at the beginning). It was a remain of her old self, the one that belonged to Trip.

So, this book is truly amazing, a true story I would recommend to anyone.

Breaking Beautiful is a real, emotional, gripping story about letting go, forgiving yourself and moving on. About dealing with the bully and learning to trust someone.