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Entangled - Cat Clarke I really like this book, more than I thought I would. I liked the beginning because it was mysterious and that kept me reading it. I just couldn’t stop, because I was so interested who's Ethan, how did she got there, and her telling about her past. I liked it was all so linked together.
I didn't really liked Grace at first, as a character she didn't seem all that depressed/suicidal, and then her jokes, she avoids problems.. But then I started to like her, because I've got to know her better; that was just her way of dealing with stuff, she didn't know any better, she was all alone, desperate for someone to care for her, first in Sal she seek that, then in Nat, she trusted them so, and I hate two of them even more. I can't even imagine how it was to be so betrayed.
Sal I didn't like from beginning, she was always hiding something and seemed dishonest. Grace really told her everything, trusted her, and Sal was just.. I don't know, I didn't like her at all. They were best friends, WHY didn't she tell Grace the whole truth, right at the beginning? And why coudn't she tell her she slept with Simon?
Somewhere half way through book, I guessed who Ethan really is, and I knew there was some connection between Sal and Nat, but still, I was so shocked at the end!
Especially since I really liked Nat, he was just so sweet and caring, and then THAT.
I felt so angry, sad, disappointed, I felt like it all happened to me.

I've read this book in a day, it consumed me so much, everything happens so fast. So emotional and sad.. After I've read it I was just stunned, poor Grace!
This is really beautiful book and it won't leave you indifferent, no matter did you hate Grace or not.