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Tear You Apart

Tear You Apart - Megan Hart
The well of my heart is a very deep place,
and at the bottom, it's dark.

Oh boy, what a story… Truly, not what I expected. I like this kinds of books: real, raw, emotional stories. This book was really deep.

I like the way it’s done, we’re slowly absorbed with the story, I didn’t connect with Elisabeth right away, it took some time, but then I’ve found myself sympathizing with her, understanding her.. Because to me, this is a story about Elisabeth, she’s central here!

To be honest, the story itself is nothing original, woman unsatisfied with her life, unfulfilled, cheats on her husband, nothing new, but the way it was written, the way Megan Hart made us care is something special.

And the ending, that did it for me, truly beautiful, I love the way it finished. Because honestly, I never did feel some sparks between her and Will, to me this was not a true love story between Elisabeth & Will, it was a story about Elisabeth, her finding herself again. And the last sentence in the book illustrates it quite well.

He was my ocean, and I didn't know if I would drown until I learned how well I could swim.

So the biggest reason I liked this book so much is the writing style, the way ordinary emotions are transmitted, I will definitely be reading Megan Hart again, and now I’m going to listen to that Tear You Apart rock opera.