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Nocturne - Andrea Randall, Charles Sheehan-Miles Huh huh, so hard to rate this book. On one hand, I'm awed, I totally loved it, but on the other, I'm like why?! Why did you have to be so selfish.

Let me start; the book began great, I was swept away, both with the music, that is the best part of the book for me, forbidden romance, characters, the whole storyline.
I can see how Savannah fell in love with Gregory because of his music.
But then, came that part 5 years later! The cheating part, and let me tell you, no one likes cheaters, even if it's justified, even if it's in the name od love - it's still cheating. The whole second part of the book I liked less, I mean come on Savannah & Gregory, you're older now, should be more mature, right?

So slowly towards the end I was becoming more and more annoyed.
Love oftentimes leaves us complitely torn, true love should not be hard, should not hurt anyone, and Savannah & Gregory hurt many people, worst of all, they hurt each other.
Towards the end it became a bit too melodramatic and predictable, but I'm giving it 4 stars because I loved the music.

I do not think I've ever read a book with such great descriptions of music, it was truly wonderful the way music connected them, made them feel and fall in love, that's why this book is worth reading!

Overall, yes, I have to say great book because I did enjoy reading it, those tiny details will not ruin my impression of the book, it's not a perfet book but a good one nevertheless!