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Just One Year (Just One Day, #2)

Just One Year (Just One Day, #2) - Gayle Forman I don’t know what to say, I waited so long for this book, and now I feel like I didn’t get what I wanted. It’s just not how I expected the things to turn out.

What bothered me is that the last book ended with a cliffhanger and this one sort of does too.
It ended just like the last one. What we got was Willem’s side of the story, his year, and that is okay, but I wanted mostly to see how their story continues.
Okay she found him, and SHE is the one who found him, but what next?
It all just feels unfinished.

Oh yes and Willem, well he sure is no Adam Wilde. While reading Where She Went I fell in love with Adam. Willem was annoying me at times. Avoiding responsibility, with all this talk of accidents.
But yeah, not fair to compare the two (books).

Nevertheless, the book was enjoyable , the writing is excellent, Gayle Forman is still one of my favorite authors.
It’s just that the whole book I was waiting for something and then bam – end – nothing.

Whole review someday.. maybe.