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Plausibility - Jettie Woodruff ‘Time is too short and good books too many to waste time reading books you don’t enjoy.’ – Andrea Goldsmith

This book is not that bad, I can see some people are going to like it.
But I was not impressed. It started off really weird, then the so called 'romance' between two main characters, I just didn't see it. That was not love, as they called it, that was just lust, mind you.
Okay, I'm no stranger to reading incest books, AND this one is NOT even that, because they're not brother and sister. But the whole thing was just weird and creepy.

And the book is way too long, I skipped alot and the ending is totally predictable.
I started reading and yes, I admit I was intrigued; where the whole thing would go, but then at 30% I stopped, didn't have that much time to read, and after a few days, I didn't feel like returnig to this book.
Now I know I didn't miss out on anything. As the quote at the beginning of my review says, I didn't enjoy this all that much, and I felt my time was wasted.
Goodbye book, I'm going to chose my future reads with more care.